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An Excuse to Post Some Pictures

Since my niece got married this past weekend, does that mean I’m an auntie in-law?

Even if no one else uses that title (shame) this is what popped into my head as I started writing about this weekend. Maybe it is nothing more than showing solidarity with my sister now that SHE has in-law status. Being the mother in-law has to be weird so I feel this responsibility as a good sister to join her. Mind you, only in an auntie capacity. I have no interest in becoming a mother in-law. Not for a long, long time. Let us please give me plenty of time as ‘auntie in-law’ before I take on any other “in-law” titles. Please and thank you.

But my sister *IS* an adorable mother of the bride. (THAT rolls of the tongue a little easier, doesn’t it?)

wedding day, wedding photos, family

I was able to take a few pictures before all the festivities began so selfies and iphone snaps for the win! It was a warm day so we knew that all make-up and hair product usage would need to be documented early on. I felt a little bad that I didn’t get any of the bride and groom but, well…I was a little busy helping with things. Also. (ALSO.) Professional photographers are the key to all THAT and it’s better that I stayed out of the way.

Just know there was an actual bride and groom at this wedding. We have plenty of witnesses.

Exhibit A: Witnesses

wedding day, wedding photos, family

Some of the witnesses were humans I actually birthed or am married to. I’m a pretty big fan.

There is a lot to be grateful for, but my entire family takes up space at the top of that list. I’m grateful for a family that loves each other and others well. I’m grateful that our family includes all the people related but also the friends who are family. People we love so dearly.

I have no idea why we have the best people around us, but we do.


I never want to forget. I never want to take it for granted.

I still might tease my sister about being a mother in-law. It’s my right as an aunt in-law.

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