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Cold Hard Cash and Coolant

I picked up our truck today from the shop and very nearly started crying. For the first time in a very long time, there was actual cold air blowing from the vents with a newly fixed a/c unit and, well, now that first sentence doesn’t sound quite so dramatic, does it? Sacramento Valley summers are no joke but I feel like I have to point out that this current summer wasn’t as bad as it usually is. Until recently. The past few weeks have brought the heat in a big way so you can bet your tush I got a tiny bit emotional as I drove away this afternoon, air conditioner blasting at top power. I’m not gonna lie, my voice even cracked when I called to tell my husband how glorious the cold air felt. I can’t even find it in me to feel ashamed.

Our budget and expenses have looked a lot different since I quit my job. I *hate* talking about money and just typing that sentence made me feel super cringy but I guess I have to start somewhere so I can keep this new tradition of doing something that makes me feel like I need to puke on a daily basis. Lest anyone feel like we are going to die under a bridge, we are FINE. Let’s just get that out of the way right now. But it’s definitely different than it was a couple of years ago. Throw in a few of life’s curveballs, and sure…sometimes it can suck. And sometimes you have to make hard choices – or different choices – that wouldn’t have come up before. Like needing to wait until a warranty issue is resolved before fixing the air conditioner in the vehicle you drive most often.

It’s a good lesson in patience and self-control. It’s a good exercise if faith. Bon Jovi’s lyrics have never felt so true…some days you really are livin on a prayer. Tommy and Gina just look a little different now.

Here’s the thing: WE. ARE. GOOD. LIFE. IS. GOOD. I would do all of this all over again in a heartbeat.

Because I am home each day with my youngest kiddo and I somehow get more time with my oldest, too.
Because I have stretched and grown in more ways than I can count.
Because I’m making a difference in my family and in my community.
Because it matters that I’m doing this.
Because following your faith and your gut and your dreams is MESSY.
Because my family my friends and my faith mean everything to me.
Because the Visa commercials got it right…all of that is priceless.

family, grace and redemption, God is good, God is love


There are definitely parts of this story that were defined, or derailed, by fear and anxiety. There are parts of this story that are shining examples of failing and falling. But in every failure and hurt and there is a hefty dose of love and grace. And redemption.

I’ll get to those stories too.

But in the meantime: I really love air conditioning. Amen.

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